Zandile Faniso Reward Consulting

We aim to provide “simple fit for purpose” solutions for various organizations


Zandile Faniso Reward Consulting is a Reward and HR Consultancy firm. Zandile Faniso and team have held positions in the corporate sector for more than 15 years .
The company aims to provide “simple fit for purpose” solutions for various organizations. The signature services from Zandile Faniso Reward Consulting are as follows: Reward Solutions and Consulting, HR Consulting and Wellness interventions for orgarnizations.


We facilitate programs in each of the below respective areas.

Reward Solutions

  • Reward Strategies and Philosophies
  • Job Descriptions and Job Profile writing
  • Executive Pay

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HR Solutions

  • HR Strategy
  • Training and Development
  • Skills Development

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  • Conducting Financial Wellness / Education Courses for Bargaining and Lower earning Employees
  • Design and manage company health care and wellness programs.

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Why Choose Us?

We, at Zandile Faniso Reward Consulting aim to assist our prospective clients with Simple and effective HR Solutions. We will research and engage with all our clients no matter how big or small the organization is.

We aim to understand your strategy and your goals. We will engage your HR Communities where possible so that the proposed solutions can be easily implementable. We will always be forthright with our clients regarding our capability and our understanding of the projects.

Before commencement of any work we will detail our approach to carry out the project and the timeframes it will take for us to complete the projects. Our proposals will be delivered to all our clients within a 5 day turnaround time. We look forward to any opportunity to submit our proposals to you and your orgarnizations.


Zandile Faniso studied and completed a (B.Admin/industrial psychology degree from the university of the Western Cape. She graduated in 2000. Zandile started her remuneration career as a survey consultant/ Data Analyst in 2006 with 21ste Century Pay Solutions.

Since then, she has held different positions with different organizations where she held roles such as Remuneration Consultant, Senior Specialist Remuneration and most recently with ADvTECH, Cell C, AFGRI as Group Remuneration and Benefits Manager.

Zandile has been trained and has vast experience (10 years) on many aspects of Technical Remuneration such as: Job Profile & Job Description writing, Remuneration and Employee Administrative Audits, Job Matching and creating Internal Salary Books/ Tools for the HR Community.

Our Team


Reward Specialist/MD

Project Lead, and Professional reward specialist, with over 10 years reward and benefits experience. She has conducted Job Evaluation on Hay, Task, Paterson.


Executive Consultant: Projects

A highly motivated accountant with experience in in Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Human Resources Management and other financial reports.


Executive Consultant: Reward

An Honours Graduate in Human Resource Development with experience within various industries, inter alia, financial, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Clients

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