We facilitate programs in each of the below respective areas.

Reward Solutions

  • Reward Strategies and Philosophies
  • Job Descriptions and Job Profile writing
  • Executive Pay
  • Conducting Surveys and Reward Analytics
  • Equal pay for equal work of equal value
  • Market Pricing and Benchmarking
  • Customised Surveys
  • Round table approaches to “Salary Reviews”
  • Variable Pay (STI/Sales Commission Schemes)
  • Reward Audits
  • Cost to Company Conversions
  • Job Matching and Creating Salary
  • Books for the HR Community

HR Solutions

  • HR Strategy
  • Performance Management: Balanced Scorecard
  • Setting Smart Objectives and
  • Conducting Performance
  • Management Training
  • Training and Development
  • Skills Development
  • Talent Management
  • Organisational Development
  • Competency based recruitment: Targeted Selection
  • Change Management/Transformation
  • Diversity and Inclusion Management


  • Conducting Financial Wellness / Education Courses for Bargaining and Lower earning Employees
  • Design and manage company health care and wellness programs.
  • Educates and promotes effective health care management, wellness, and influences behavior to ensure efficient and cost-effective program design, administration, and utilization
  • Improve communication/education on all Human Resources and Total Rewards matters and streamline/automate administration
  • Oversee market research/analysis to determine or support changes in current pay plans/programs to remain competitive in our markets and ensure internal consistency

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